Boating in Khanpur Dam

Boating in Khanpur Dam

If you have a plan towards north for some site seeing, a great item to add to your To Do list is to look into Khanpur Lake boat tour. Simply, the Khanpur Lake is beautiful! There are a lot of different options for booking boats.

Stunning scenery, blue water, lush green mountains and historical sites make Khanpur Lake one of Pakistan’s best holiday destinations.

Family Boating in Khanpur Lake

The Khanpur Dam provide couple of boating option i.e rowing, kayaking or simply splash about on the lake.

If you are travelling without a boat of your own, it is easy to rent a boat at Khanpur Dam and take part in water sports. Usually the boat rates at Khanpur Dam are starting from Rs.100-200/- per person. (Depends on boat size and the day you are coming – weekend or normal day). You can get discounts if you are coming with group or big family! – One boat round usually take 10-15 minutes but you can pay more and enjoy long trip on the lake.

Khanpur Lake boating is enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing. It’s good healthy fun that the entire family can enjoy. Going out on the boat with your family is a great fun experience that can create many happy childhood memories for your children.

What to Bring?

Pack plenty of food and drinks for your family if you are coming at Khanpur Dam View Point. A picnic BBQ at lakeside is a good idea. If you have taken a package to a restaurant or resorts then don’t come with your own food, they will not allow outside food in resorts.

Always Remember: One of the basic rules of nature is that you take nothing but memories (or pictures) and leave nothing but footprints. Everything you bring in, you have to bring back out.

Things to Consider When you are with Kids

Have a good life jacket with a collar that turns a child’s face up in the water. It should have strong waist and straps, a handle on the collar, and if possible wear bright yellow or orange color for good visibility.

Attach a safety whistle to the life jacket and make sure each child understands what it is for and how to use it.
You should have light snacks with you that children like to eat, such as fruit and chips.

Take along games such as cards or a favorite board game. If your children need a break from being in the water, they can play a game on deck or down below. The children can play games inside the boat while you ride around leisurely, which works for both of you.

Have fun making memories with your family on the blue water. Whether you are swimming, jet skiing or relaxing in the water or on the boat, enjoy the family time that boating together gives you. In this fast paced world, being out on the water, away from it all is a good time out for everyone.

Finally, you should consider enjoying the great outdoors. Make the most within reach of, take your bikes along to race through nature trails and get involved in water sports. Activities that burn energy are ideal for all members of the family, but they are particularly beneficial for the younger ones who have a lot of energy to burn.