Jet Ski in Khanpur Dam

Jet Ski in Khanpur Dam

Jet skiing in Khanpur Dam is a great way to have an action-packed water sports experience near Islamabad.

If you’re planning a jet skiing adventure in Khanpur Dam, you’ll find number of beautiful spots ideal for you. The blue-green lake water of Khanpur Lake will provide the perfect location if you’re looking to really test your adventure skills.

Along the main Khanpur View Point, you’ll see couple of jetties and boat operators ideal to make a start. The blue water around the Khanpur Lake is popular with a whole host of water sport’s so be sure to check before if you’re planning on bringing your own jet ski.

Something that’s realty special about jet skiing in Khanpur is the stunning scenery. Looking back on green mountains is really breathtaking whilst enjoying on blue water lake. You’ll also notice a lot of water wild life too.

Guide To Khanpur Dam Jet Ski Rentals For Beginners


How to Choose a Best Jet Ski Operator

First it’s important to investigate how well the operator is equipped as far as service and safety to accommodate your needs. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel or resort at Khanpur Lake you can ask the hotel manager for a reference or finding out what the operator reputation is as far as customer satisfaction and safety.

Second, always try to fix the rate before a ride. Usually Khanpur Dam Jet Ski operators charge between Rs.400-500 per round (1-2 minutes ride) – depends on normal day or weekend. You can get discounts if you are coming with group or big family!

Don’t Forget To Wear a Life Jacket

Always remember to wear a life jacket before a ride and never rely on your swimming skills.

The Khanpur Dam Life jackets are comfortable, easy to fasten, and lightweight. In the event of an accident, your life jacket will help keep you afloat. Some accidents result in a loss of consciousness, which means that a life jacket could be the only thing keeping you floating on top of the water.

How to Make a First Move?

Your hands need to be positioned securely on the handles of the jet ski as you prepare to cover your very first distance. At this phase, you should engage the throttle when you are still near the land, preserve your rate at the slowest degree.

How To Make a Turn?

Usually making a jet ski turn is difficult for most of the beginners and if you find it hard at the initial stage, you should never be disappointed because it is natural. The best point to do is to practice the turns while still keeping the lowest rate possible. This procedure must be repeated several times up until you have the ability to balance and take fast turns. As a precautionary measure, the turns should be practiced in the middle of the lake to avoid disturbing the other boats and jet skiers. Keep in mind, that you will always have an experienced guide with you when renting a jet ski in Khanpur Dam. They are there to make sure you understand the process.

Handling the Speed

It’s necessary that you maintain speed and a wide distance between your jet ski and other people in and on the water. Distractions or lack of concentration could result in an accident with significant injuries.