Paragliding in Khanpur Dam

Paragliding in Khanpur Dam

Quick Introduction of Paragliding

It is undoubtedly, that location of Khanpur dam is most superlative and its charming view is magnetic attraction to visitors. As it is situated at the Punjab-KPK Border near Taxila. It’s about 60 minutes drive from Islamabad. Due to Lush beauty of Khanpur by surrounding mountains and blue water lake, there could be number of hilarious activities which will hasten the enjoyment at this marvelous place. So that’s the reason visitors at Khanpur Dam can experience the most electrifying activity Paragliding which will be long lasting handsome effect on human’s body and mind. This state-of-the-art activity will boost human’s emotions and feelings. Paragliding is being use in armed forces for giving tough training to personals. This will help the morale of military personals during war and exercises.

Paragliding in Khanpur Dam

Paragliding in Khanpur dam is most astonishing and extraordinary activity for visitors. Due to its vast wide range of place it has exceptional edge for paragliding to be easily meet the standard.

Paragliding is basically economical adventurous sport activity which everyone can enjoy this activity at Khanpur Dam. Regardless of not using engine in paragliding, it is safe and sound for everyone.

Paragliding in Pakistan is first started at Mang village, near Khanpur Dam. There you can get training for paragliding. Firstly you have to reach at top of the mountain for experience of paragliding. Operator will do mandatory precautionary measure for your safety, and then your body will fasten with paraglide chute and then operator will gradually drive your body in the air and you will fly without plane that will be breathtaking experience that will never happen with you ever in life.

Why Paragliding in Khanpur Dam

Mighty mountains naturally covers Khanpur dam from all sides. This advantage of mountains for Khanpur dam would be additional God gifted. So that Khanpur dam is utilizing this fantastic view and place for Paragliding. For overwhelming activity of Paragliding, it is obligatory that place for paragliding must be at top of the mountain, where you can easily drive your body by maintaining height and free fall. For this purpose Khanpur Dam is most appropriate and specific place for paragliding. Because it covers whole hilly areas and also cover the lush blue water lake. Also it covers plain area for which paraglider can easily touch ground safe & sound.

Features of Paragliding

Its prominent feature is that its engine-less technology due to this noticeable feature paraglider can still travel for many hours and cover hundreds of kilometers without any danger. It has special stuff for this purpose light weight and helps in free-flying.

Safety Tips for Paragliding

For paragliding, training is mandatory for that activity. Because without superior training you can neither, enjoy nor gain desirable adventure. For that purpose you can get productive training at Mangu village, Kahnpur dam.

Passionate Activity for Youth & Family

Paragliding is passionate activity for young blood. Because they are keen to fly in that special way. Aged persons can also experience it after getting training.

Written by: Muhammad Kamal Zafar