Parasailing in Khanpur Dam

Parasailing in Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam probably does not need any introduction. In fact, Khanpur Dam is undoubtedly one of the beautiful holiday destinations in Pakistan for adventure seekers and nature lovers. There is another sect of people who come at Khanpur Dam only to party and have a relaxing time.

Khanpur Dam is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery and blue-green water so yes heading to a lake is the first priority, however, the second most important priority is to decide on the various water sports.

Parasailing in Khanpur Dam is a great experience for adventure guys

Imagine yourself up into the blue sky while strapped in a seat covered by a colorful parachute! This is a popular activity at Khanpur Dam where riders can view the beautiful blue-green lake water and green mountains from above while being pulled by a boat. This is a great fun and exciting experience for those who love heights and want a birds-eye-view of the whole Khanpur Dam.

Parasailing is an adventure water sport where you spend time in the air than in the water. With parasailing, you are attached to something similar to a parachute and a boat tows you behind it. You go up into the air and get to observe everyone, and everything in it. If you love the water and want to do something different then Parasailing at Khanpur Dam is best option for you. Like all other adventure sports, make sure you understand the safety precautions before trying this sport.

Why Parasailing at Khanpur Dam?

Parasailing is one of the most enjoyable water activities in the world. The experience of being up in the air in the middle of the blue lake can truly be an achievement worth trying.

Here are 4 reasons to go Parasailing at Khanpur Dam:

1. It’s Safe

Beyond any adventure, safety is the first thing to consider. Parasailing is one of the safest among water activities. A team of parasailing professionals are there at lake to train you and make sure that you fully enjoy your parasailing experience. The parasailing equipment, wind and speed combinations are carefully studied before a fly to reduce the chance of an accident.

2. Parasailing is Affordable at Khanpur Lake

Parasailing can come as a solo activity or packaged with other water sports, and because of parasailing’s popularity, it is commonly found as a regular activity at Khanpur Lake. Unlike some water sports where you are required to purchase your own gear, parasailing can be enjoyed by just bringing pursuit of adventure! Usually the prices start from Rs.2500/- per person. (Depends on normal or weekend) – You can get discounts if you are coming with a group or big family!

3. Everyone Can Do Parasailing

Almost anyone and everyone can do parasailing. Not much skill is required of you when you do it. A team of professionals will take you through some basic safety and training lessons before the parasail itself. Then you are ready! Once in the air all you have to do is relax in the harness and enjoy the view.

4. A Memorable Experience

Parasailing has been popularized by the feeling that it brings. Such feeling of freedom, discovery and enjoyment is an absolute unforgettable experience. Be it a weekend kick or a weeklong adventure, parasailing can give you the buzz that an adventure seeker desire for.