Zipline in Khanpur Dam

Zipline in Khanpur Dam

Stressed Due To Workload or Daily Life Routine?

When you want to get thrill so close to nature, when there is age of smart & advance technology of system everywhere and Human being is so much exhausted and over stressed due to workload in daily life routine. To abolish and get relief from this pain of stress and exhausted mind you should feel close to nature. By close to nature Zipline is most superior source of getting high level of thrill mentally and physically. Zipline is such an activity, which has tremendous effect on our mental and physical fitness. In earlier ages zipline was used for transport of goods from one place to another in hilly and complex areas where automobiles hadn’t access at these points. Later on it was started as fun activity for everyone young, adult and aged persons.

Zipline in Khanpur Dam

In that age of anxiety, now you can fully avail the facility of Zipline in Khanpur Dam. Actually, in Khanpur Dam there are number of resorts are housed like, Mabali Island, Ghandhara Castle Resort,Orange Lake Resort and many more near Islamabad.

If you want to avail adventurous tour and unending exciting activity, do not prolonged your planning and gain opportunity to get maximum relief in your hectic daily life routine.

The first sight of Khanpur dam will give you immense pleasure that will accelerate your joy and would feel height of inner satisfaction. As Khanpur Mighty Mountains surrounded by dam and color of water is lush blue, this is most eye-catching moment.

Zipline at Mabali Island

Mabali Island located at Khanpur Lake, has facility of zipline which has innovative style and unique features in it. It is one of the longest Zipline in Pakistan, which is very near to nature, over the blue lake water and it touches mountain area.

Zipline in Mabali is about 800 meters long and has highly safe according to international standards. If you really have a plan to enjoy this innovative zip Line, you can book online from their website or just call them and they will be ready it for you.

After fasten harness you have to slide your body freely in the air, and then you will slide smoothly with the rope and passing over the lake and will get your long lasting exciting experience with your head eyes by enjoying in the air and will see immense lush green environment with mighty mountains and you are passing over the blue water lake, that will ignite your enthusiasm towards extra ordinary adventure activity.

Healthy Activity & Boosting Your Energy

If you once experience this thrilling activity, after that your body will drastically change into energetic move mentally and physically. Zipline is such as innovation activity, which helps person both mind and body in boosting energy level.

Written by: Muhammad Kamal Zafar