One Day Trip To Khanpur Dam

One Day Trip To Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam the most mind blowing and soothing place, where you get peace, calmness, thrill, gorgeous and passion at one place. Khanpur Dam is most renowned by its blue water lake. Due its specific beauty and color of lake water, it gives eye-catching view to visitors. Its stunning view attracts people from faraway places of country.

Khanpur Dam Directions from Nearby Cities

Motorway journey would be best and comfortable for approaching to Khanpur Dam without facing heavy traffic and road blockage. People coming from Islamabad, if they use Motorway, then they will straightway access to Khanpur Dam near Khanpur city. They will travel on Islamabad-Peshawar M1 motorway, then take a left to Hazara expressway, take exit from near Haripur Interchange, and take turn on Khanpur-Taxila road that lead to Khanpur Dam. People coming from Peshawar similarly they will also travel on PESHAWAR-ISLAMABAD M1 motorway and they also take a left from Hazara Expressway and take exit from near Haripur Interchange and take turn on Khanpur -Taxila road that lead to Khanpur Dam. People coming from Abbottabad will travel on Hazara Expressway that will take exit from Haripur interchange and take turn on Khanpur-Taxila road that lead to Khanpur Dam.

Why One Day Trip To Khanpur Dam?

Basically One day trip to Khanpur dam will be a road map to open door for gigantic tourism at Khanpur Dam. The fundamental purpose of One day trip to Khanpur dam is, for those visitors who have not ever visited resorts like places, which possess state-of-the-art activities which are very rare in country like Pakistan where tourism was not well flourish in several decades due to non availability of resources. When we will fix One day trip to Khanpur Dam for families and students, then it will give maximum return of tourism. By giving sense of understanding of different activities, visitors who will be on One day visit will experience maximum knowledge of activities and can also enjoy. It will enhance general tourism at Khanpur Dam.

Khanpur Dam is a Paradise for Water Sports Lovers

Operator of every water sport activity will guide tourist about the jet ski, family boating, wake tubing, parasailing, wake tubing, cliff diving, swimming, rowing boats. The rates are very economical and affordable within your budget. These activities might not be available at any other lake in Pakistan.

Other Land Adventure Activities

Land adventure activities like paragliding, shooting, archery, hiking and trekking would also be available if anyone want to experience mighty adventure in these activities. These activities would also be provide for visitors, so for next time they will well aware every kind of adventurous activity. These activities would be extra ordinary adventure for those who will have keen interest and have strong neuron system.

Nearby Resorts for Day Trip & Night Stay

From last few years when country’s situation is much better and environment which was badly effected by terrorism and anarchy, now there is complete peace and calm due to which tourism in Pakistan is now gaining its peak. For that way there are number of resorts opened in hilly areas. In Khanpur dam, there are housed different resorts for tourists that built in last 2,3 years. Mabali Island (One of the best natural resort), Ghandhara Catle Resort, Orange Lake and Lake View Hotel & Resort are built for tourists and this place of Khanpur dam is mighty ideal place for every class of tourists.

What to Bring?

You have to bring sun glasses, sun block and additional clothes for swimming and other sports activities. Due to wide variety place of Khanpur Dam sun glasses and sun bath is mandatory item.

Must Remember Safety Tips

Before swimming or any other sport activity kids must wear swimming costume, because it is essential precautionary measure for swimming and other water related sport activity. For swimming life jacket is mandatory. Without appropriate precautionary measure, don’t risk yourself for swim, even that adult who could swim. Safety should be your first priority.

Written by: Muhammad Kamal Zafar